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**SALE** The Dreaming Spires (& Friends) - Paisley Overground (coloured vinyl)

by The Dreaming Spires

£4.00 / On Sale


PAISLEY OVERGROUND - 12-INCH MINI ALBUM featuring 4 new Dreaming Spires songs and guest artists Sid Griffin, Co-Pilgrim, The Hanging Stars & The Raving Beauties on the flipside.

Three of the Dreaming Spires songs were recorded at the legendary Ardent Studios in Memphis, home of the equally-legendary Big Star. The other, ‘Silverlake Sky’ was written right on Sunset Strip, the heart of The Paisley Underground, and recorded here in Oxfordshire using a 60s Eko 12-string acoustic.

Side A
1. The Dreaming Spires - Paisley Overground
2. The Dreaming Spires - Harberton Mead
3. The Dreaming Spires - Silverlake Sky
4. The Dreaming Spires - The Road Less Travelled

Side B
1. Sid Griffin & Tony Poole - Tell Her All The Time
2. Co-pilgrim - Save The Queen Blazer
3. The Hanging Stars - Crippled Shining Blues
4. The Raving Beauties - Arrows