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Heather Lynne Horton - Don't Mess With Mrs Murphy (CD)

by Heather Lynne Horton

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Don’t Mess With Mrs Murphy’ is the new solo album from Heather Lynne Horton.

1. Murphy’s Law
2. Wheelchair Man
3. Did You Feel That?
4. Save The Rain
5. Boomerang
6. Flesh and Blood
7. F.U.
8. Coffee Cup
9. Pauper Sky
10. I Wanna Die In My Sleep

You may already know Heather as Singer, Songwriter, Fiddle player and one half of The Westies (the other half of which is her husband Michael McDermott). The Westies, received vast, critical acclaim while the urgency for Horton to get back to her own roots, remained impending after putting her career on hold upon the birth of their child, Rain in 2010.

This record signifies Horton’s own re-birth and speaks for all women toiling and wrestling with the struggles attached to their multitude of roles, including guilt, denial and depression, in the midst of their own pursuit of happiness.

Horton has said that this record not only defines her, but screams out the layers of sadness, fear and euphoria she and the majority of women have ‘placed on back burners and crammed into closets’; all the while believing this place in all of time, to be the most important time for aggressive, unrelenting expression.

Horton re-enlisted sonic collaborator, Lex Price, to produce, engineer and mix the collection of 11 songs (including a hidden bonus) at The Collard Green and Resistor studios in Nashville, TN.